Surveillance Software

Web Camera Pro is easy-to-use security software that lets you watch and record video from different types of cameras like webcams and IP cameras. It uses smart AI to spot movement, which helps save internet data and cloud storage space. This makes it a great choice for recording videos.
One special thing about Web Camera Pro is its Video Surveillance Cloud. This mixes the cloud and the software's smart video analysis to give you better control and options for watching your video feeds. The setup includes a cloud server and a local app that you can put on your phone, computer, or cloud camera. This clever tech helps use less internet and cloud storage, so it's really efficient.

Web Camera Pro works well with both USB webcams and IP cameras. It has lots of features for online security, like spotting objects and movement, recording when something happens or at set times, letting you watch remotely, and recognizing faces. This makes it really good for keeping homes and businesses safe.

InternetSoft is your one-stop solution for comprehensive internet technologies. Specializing in secure file transfer with our robust FTP client and email software, we also offer state-of-the-art video surveillance through our CCTV software. Enhance your digital communication with our advanced mailing list programs, and navigate the web efficiently with our high-speed offline browser. With a focus on data encryption and secure communications, we're committed to transforming your digital experience

FTP Commander Deluxe

FTP Commander Deluxe offers a user-friendly FTP client designed specifically for Windows users. In contrast to some complex FTP solutions, this software provides an intuitive interface that simplifies file transfers. Despite its compact size of just 700kb, it comes equipped with all the essential features for managing your files and servers. It supports simultaneous data transfers and offers folder and file synchronization capabilities.
Despite its minimal 700kb download size, this software packs all the necessary features for comprehensive file and server management. Capable of executing multiple data transfers simultaneously, it also offers folder and file synchronization. As an excellent choice for a high-quality FTP tool, it ensures your data's security through robust protocols like SSL, TLS, SSH, and more. Additional features include multi-transfer capabilities, file syncing, and powerful encryption.

Website Extractor

Website eXtractor is a utility that enables you to download entire websites or selected sections to your local machine. This is ideal for individuals who wish to access websites containing images and information without an internet connection. The software allows for rapid navigation through downloaded content, making it convenient for those who need quick access to the data.
This offline browsing utility functions akin to an intelligent web crawler. It navigates through online links and captures the websites you specify, saving them directly to your computer. The tool is user-friendly and comes equipped with a range of features tailored for efficient data gathering. You can customize it to download specific types of content, such as text, images, or videos, and employ filters to omit unwanted elements while selecting which pages to preserve.
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