Mail Commander Home

Fast and powerfull mail client - let's you process vast amounts of correspondence
Mail Commander Home (Standard Edition) is sophisticated, but it's also very simple to use and you can easily customize the interface and layout to fit your messaging needs. Our email program is a portable e-mail client with user-friendly interface. You can set relative custom folders for attachments, email databases and run program from removable storage device such as a USB flash drive.
Send, resend, forward and receive mail
Sending and receiving emails in national coding/charsets. Program supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, user authentifications and secure connections (ssl/tls) for gmail and other email systems.
Grouped views allow you poweful extended views of the mail in your folders, including presenting message threads. Sort your mail by date, size, sender, subject, colour or thread, in ascending or descending order.

Header Downloads
The program allows you to download only the email headers, giving you the option to redownload or delete selected messages from the server. This is particularly useful for managing your inbox without consuming too much bandwidth.

Message Queueing & Scheduling
This feature lets you queue messages for sending at a later date, optimizing your time and ensuring you never miss sending an important email.

Message Editor and Spelling Checker
Mail Commander Home features a plain text and HTML message editor that supports multi-part messages with embedded images. With its built-in spelling checker, your emails will be error-free and professional.

Security and Privacy
Worried about security and privacy? Mail Commander Home prevents HTML-borne viruses and trojans while also intercepting web bugs, ensuring your privacy is never compromised.

Message Templates
With unlimited template topics, the program allows you to streamline your communication by providing custom templates for new emails, replies, forwards, and even confirmation messages.

Select and insert custom signatures for different mail profiles using the advanced panel, further personalizing your emails.

Multiple Email Accounts

Switching between different email accounts can be a nightmare. Mail Commander Home supports unlimited email accounts, allowing you to manage multiple inboxes with ease.

Message Filtering
The program offers advanced filtering options, automatically sorting incoming messages based on preset criteria, enabling efficient organization of your mailbox.

Fast, Powerful Search
Looking for a specific email? With its advanced search feature, Mail Commander Home allows you to find any email in seconds, using multiple search criteria.

Mail Commander Home (Standard Edition) is a feature-packed email client that is both powerful and user-friendly. With its plethora of features designed for modern needs, it proves to be a one-stop solution for all your email management requirements.

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