Vista NetMail

Vista Netmail offers robust filtering features to manage incoming emails and requests, and it also enables the creation of archives for both incoming and outgoing messages.

The software provides an automatic sorting feature for incoming messages that allows users to set up criteria for sorting, and then store them in individual folders or mailboxes for easy access at a later time. This filtering system enables users to only view folders that contain the most important messages, streamlining their workflow.

The mail filter feature processes incoming messages based on various fields such as the sender's address or the Subject field. Advanced filters can be set up to work on any field in the message header or the message body itself.

Furthermore, Vista Netmail supports several standard e-mail client options such as attachment support, message sorting by date, subject, address or other fields, message searches based on keywords, etc.

This software is highly beneficial for professionals involved in electronic business, as well as anyone who wants to establish professional communication with existing customers or potential clients.
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