FTP Navigator

FTP Navigator is an easy-to-use FTP client for Windows that streamlines the process of transferring files over the internet. Its user-friendly interface lets you effortlessly explore remote file directories and conduct basic file operations like upload, download, delete, and rename for both files and folders. The application comes with a transfer progress window and has the capability to automatically resume incomplete transfers or keep a stable connection with the FTP server.

For advanced users, FTP Navigator doesn't skimp on features. It offers directory syncing, extensive command-line controls, and the option to manually enter FTP commands. The software also enables the auto-setting of file transfer parameters, and logs all actions for future reference. A curated list of public FTP sites is included for quick access.
Designed with intelligence and user-friendliness in mind, FTP Navigator auto-corrects any user errors. It supports multiple input and setting formats, solidifying its status as a versatile and dependable solution for anyone in need of internet-based file transfers.

Supported formats:
- ftp.hostname.com
- ftp://ftp.hostname.com
- user@ftp.hostname.com/folder
- ftp://user.password@ftp.hostname.com:port/folder
- ftp://user@ftp.hostname.com:port/folder
- ftp://user@ftp.hostname.com
- ftp://user@ftp.hostname.com:port
- http://ftp.softwarea.com

If you mistype an address, the software's real-time correction feature removes any extra spaces or invalid characters during the connection process.

Compatibility-wise, FTP Navigator works with numerous server types and allows customization of server response formats. It also lets you define rules for interpreting server-hosted files and folders. You can save commonly-used connections for future one-click access, and the software remembers the default directories for both local and remote systems.

Take note that file names with different cases (uppercase or lowercase) are treated as distinct files on the server. If you upload a file and the case differs from the original link on your site, the file may not appear. To tackle this, the software includes a feature that lets you modify the case type on both your local machine and remote servers.
Customization options extend to the program's look and feel, accessible through the "Program Settings" menu, where you can tailor screen attributes and menu choices to your liking.

The program menu is context-sensitive and only displays options that are applicable to the current operating mode. In case you need special commands that aren't available in the program, you can access "Custom Commands" and save them for future use.

This download is a 30-day trial version. Registration costs 29.95 USD

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