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Website eXtractor is an offline browsing software that allows users to download complete websites or specific parts to their computers. This program is ideal for individuals who wish to extract websites with digital images and data. With Website eXtractor, you can view the entire website offline and navigate through the saved pages rapidly, which is advantageous when processing data promptly is necessary.
Website eXtractor functions as an intelligent search robot that traverses the hyperlinks of the internet and downloads desired websites and pages to your hard drive. Its user-friendly interface includes a variety of features, making it an excellent tool for data mining and extraction. For instance, you can customize the software to download specific content types, like text, images, audio, or video files. You can also apply filters to exclude unwanted material or specify which pages to save and which to disregard. With Website eXtractor, you can download websites and perform data mining or extraction using other tools like DB Maker.
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