DB Maker

DB Maker is a software that allows users to extract specific data from HTML and TXT documents and create text databases. The program enables users to analyze and search a selected document for desired data and convert unstructured results into a text file for further processing in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel and MailList Express.

Most companies have a large amount of valuable information stored in various files, address books, and records. However, this information is typically in a raw and random format. The web servers of business corporations, industrial groups, governmental agencies, universities, and information agencies also contain vast amounts of precious data that can only be read in specific formats, making it challenging and time-consuming to access.

Manually editing a large number of files requires a significant amount of time and money. DB Maker is a valuable tool that can save time and earn extra money for companies. The software is user-friendly and can be used by a broad range of users. It can help users manage external information flows and integrate them into their mainstream business database. Keeping up with current information is essential for any business, and DB Maker can serve as a connecting link between corporate databases and raw, random information.

DB Maker has several functions, including:

  • A powerful marketing tool
  • Order processing
  • Email processing and messaging
  • Subscriber database management
  • Automated email sending
  • Information transfer from email clients
  • Recruitment and job resume database management
  • Stock quotation, price, and offer processing
  • Statistical data analysis on websites
  • Setting up various types of databases
  • Catalog, list, and price list systematization
  • Processing raw and random data downloaded from the internet.
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